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life sucks

My friend Evonne asked me to go out tonight.. I did.. fucking bartende.. I could, right now, kick his mother fuckiing ass.. he was such an asshole.. The music wasent loud enough and I said something.. He was llike.. Your lucky I dont shut it off.. I turned around and said to my friend.. I want to kick his teeth down his thouht.. oh fuck however u spell it... anyway.. he pissed me off the whole night.. god.. she goes there all the time so I didnt want to say anything.. Im sorry.. I am a real bitch.. Im from Jersey city.. I'm not scared to say something to someone.. I'll kick your fucking ass... I am really an angry person nowadays.. for A LOT of reasons.. so everything is still fresh in my mind.. so i'll kill someone right now.. he pissed me off... well anyway.. let me finsh my beer .. I cant find my last Xanax so that pissed me off even more.. I tend to post a lot I know.. but It;s the only way I can get all this shit off my mind.. I met a lot of cool people on here and I am grateful for that.. i'm so glad I have this.. (Once again.. thanks Peter :o)) ok well.. im gunna finsh my beer... but I dont even think I want to cause now I'm starting to think about shit and I'm getting ... ummm.. I dont know... ok... I'll be back tomorrow.. and I am going to start looking for a job cause sitting here is REALLY PISSING ME OFF!!!! I'm sick of being home.. I love my bed though.. I get to be in it more.. alas... alone.. but for right now ita ok... Ok i keep rambling.. Ok Nick.. shut the fuck up.... hahahahaha.. im an ssshole... im eating peaches like a loser,, ogh god.. i wish i had someone to cook for mey.,mnbvcx!!!!!! oh godddddddddddddddddddddddddd.. im a drunkerd mess.. no wonder no one wants to be with me.. my life is a fucking mess.. i got peach juice on my keyboard... ohh gddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.. no noe wants me.. im nevef drinking again... i love my bed.. it loves me.. something loves me.. its 1 am now.. and im still babling.. my bro just smoked so why talk to him.. i cant talk to my cat cause she doesnt care.. so ill talk to myself here.. what a loser.. dead soul.. dead life.. im gunna finsh my cigertte and go to my love placee... hardly anyone is online now... tuesday night nad im srunk.. hiccups.. sstop..fuck....ok i think i should go.. where the fuck is my xanax.. god dammit.. i could of had a gooooooddddd night sleep.. ok peeps i know your sick of reading and im getting sick of typing since thats all ive been doing lately... goodnight my children.... Lordess Nicoletta.. oh god kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedscdfedvcdsvdsv ds
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